About Us



This band started out with a show at the DNC convention rally because Quinn wrote a song called "Feel the Bern" although the song has yet to be on an album, we did make an early version to be updated.     http://letstalkfigures.bandcamp.com/album/feel-the-bern.



Before the band began, three of us went to Memphis  and recorded an album called Dangerfield with a studio drummer.  Willie joined and Bob switched to drums.  We added Josh on keys who went MIA so we added Nick on keys.  Sean then drew interest so we added a third guitar and recorded Rock//Icon.  Pizza left to pursue his PZA dreams so now we have Jim and the rocket is quite complete.  We are now ready to record two more albums.



If you are "cool" and own a record label, talent/booking agency, or you want to play our songs on the radio, feel free to reach out.  Hell we will even make a radio edited version for ya 

I'm gonna need you to Rocket 


Xmas in Vegas (Empire)


Return of the Bern


This story has yet to be told.


I don't trust my government, you never trust a Bush.  And she don't trust Dick, I could be President.


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Help Our Cause

If you're big into rockets and wanna lend a hand, feel free to feed us some cold hard cash.  We will use it for things like making sure those evil robots don't win and paying off the spinners.  You will get a small pile of free shit.  

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